Chongrui Industrialized Circulating Aquaculture Base welcomes new members

source:CAT-AQUA2020-06-22 10:31:49 published


Since the establishment of Chongrui's factory-based breeding aquaculture base, many members have settled in the base, such as perch, tilapia, koi, grouper, etc. Recently, the base has welcomed a new member - Hippocampus!



          Hippocampus is a valuable medicinal marine fish that can be cultured artificially. Due to the extremely high requirements of the hippocampus on the living environment, and the current domestic biological research on the hippocampus is not systematic enough, and few can be industrialized, it is still far from meeting market demand.
        When artificially farming hippocampus, they often do not pay enough attention to their ecological requirements or cannot achieve good control of the ecology. Poor water quality often occurs in farms, such as low salinity and large changes in salinity; water quality is turbid and there are many organisms, the water quality is not fresh, and it is affected by industrial sewage; the pH of the water changes greatly, the type of bait is monotonous, the supply is not timely and fresh, the light is too strong, and the water temperature is unstable. These will bring adverse consequences to the hippocampus breeding, so create a good breeding environment and conditions, so that the stable and high production of the hippocampus is basically guaranteed.
       Chongrui takes advantage of the professional and technical advantages of the production of circulating water aquaculture systems, and uses artificial sea salt water transfer and other methods to carry out artificial breeding of industrialized circulating water in the hippocampus. For each growth stage of the hippocampus, according to their growth stage requirements for water quality, temperature, environment, etc., conduct various refined targeted recording statistics. For the easily appeared enteritis in hippocampus of the artificially cultured, growth rate, reproduction rate and other technical difficulties ,a series of studies are making to solve the problems of artificial industrial farming in the hippocampus, and provide real and reliable data for further improving the scientificity of the industrial circulating aquaculture system.