Chongrui's industrialized recirculating aquaculture system enters Nanchang breeding base

source:CAT-AQUA2020-06-23 09:48:47 published

Recently, the Chongrui brand industrial recirculating aquaculture system with Chongrui's independent research and development patents has entered the Nanchang breeding base and has been successfully installed and commissioned.




In recent years, our country has continuously accelerated the green development of the aquaculture industry, and has paid more attention to infrastructure such as industrial recirculating aquaculture. For the scientific and technological management of aquaculture process, higher standards are required for the discharge of aquaculture tail water. Chongrui has professional technical staff and design team, keeps good communication with customers at all times, adjusts the plan at any time, fully from the customer's perspective, for the sake of customers, strict control of order production, provides domestic and foreign installation and guidance support, high-quality consulting, pre-sales and after-sales services make customers feel at ease.